The Bible says that we are to pray for those in authority. Government officials, military personnel and police officers face many challenges in their work. Police officers in the U.S. and many other countries have one of the highest divorce and suicide rates among all professions. God has raised up this ministry to help reach this segment of society for Jesus Christ. He alone is the one who can bring about the changes in peoples' lives that will result in them being true servants of God.


As a way of helping the authorities we offer many practical seminars such as dealing with stress, successful family life, leadership principles and ethics. We reach out to police both in the USA and other countries around the world. We take teams of people who have police and/or military experience to help train police and military in other countries and share the gospel with them.

"To evangelize the authorities and offer quality training seminars in order to see lives changed."

MMI is a non-denominational, evangelical Christian organization which exist to proclaim the gospel to the authorities and make disciples as Jesus commanded us to do.


Reaching the Authorities for Christ


     MMI is a ministry founded by Randy Green in 2001. However, our work among the authorities began in Caracas, Venezuela in 1995. The Lord led Randy & Marlene Green, who had been working as missionaries in Venezuela since 1988 to begin an outreach to the police.

     The Lord provided a strategy for the Greens to begin bringing teams of Christian police officers to Venezuela to offer training and present the gospel to the police. Over the next three years over 1,000 police officers received training and heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. Several hundred police officers made decisions for Christ.

     In 1998 Randy met Reed Olson, who was Focus on the Family's Director of International Relations for Latin America. He introduced Randy to Mrs. Arzu, the First Lady of Guatemala. At her invitation Randy took groups of police officers to Guatemala to do training and share the gospel. God blessed these outreaches to the police and in 1999 Mrs. Arzu invited the Greens to move to Guatemala to work with the police of her country.

     The Greens established Oficiales de la Paz in Guatemala as a nonprofit ministry recognized by the Guatemalan government. In the years the Greens worked in Guatemala over 15,000 Bibles were given to police and military. Thousands of police officers began hearing the gospel and many came to know Christ as their Savior. Follow up was done through local missionaries and pastors. Today there are many Guatemalan police officers who are Christians and there are now police chaplains.

    Over the years MMI has worked in many countries around the world to proclaim Jesus Christ. Thousands of police officers and others have responded to the gospel. We have done training and evangelism to more than 150,000 police officers in countries around the world.